This episode of POD talks about a topic that is high on the agenda for any organisation today, which is the risk of not defending your network to your full ability.

Globally, the security market will be worth £120 billion by 2020, a figure that is testament to the dramatic increase in network threats over the last 10 years’. The bad guys are always thinking of new ways to get hold of data or disrupt business operations, which means the security vendors are forever playing catch up. Will we ever be able to use technology to get to that nirvana state of stopping all attacks so we can all put our feet up and watch the bad guys fail?

Joining us to discuss this is Chris Howell (Global Public Cloud Lead, Sophos), Jon Hope (Senior Technical Engineer, Sophos) and Dax Scutt (Education Sales Manager, Phoenix).

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Season One | Episode Eight | The Risk of Not Doing Enough