In this episode of POD, we are talking about Software Asset Management, or SAM for short, which is a topical subject at the moment in the ever-changing world of IT and IT Asset Management.

SAM is historically used to manage software assets across your organisation, track your asset lifecycle through audit trails and ensure compliance. However, an effective SAM or ITAM strategy can not only deliver significant returns on investment to an organisation, but also provide valuable business intelligence to enable better decision making moving forwards.  SAM is no longer just about compliance and cost savings as we are seeing many transformational opportunities now being delivered due to SAM been involved from the planning through to the delivery phases and beyond.

To discuss this in more detail, we are joined by Sean Robinson (Sales Director at License Dashboard), Keith Martin (Sales Director at Phoenix) and Darren Moore (Head of Technology Asset Solutions at Phoenix).

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Season One | Episode Nine | Accelerating Transformation with SAM