As the demand for innovation in the UK Public Sector grows, so does the demand for talent, however, as you will have no doubt seen in many news articles, there aren’t enough skilled individuals to bridge the gap.

Despite education programs, coding camps and an increase in STEM learning and development, the reality is that technology evolves faster than we’re able to reskill. So how do we bridge the gap? On this episode of POD we are joined by Keith Martin (Sales Director, Phoenix), Jasmin Fowler (Product Marketing Manager, Pythagoras) and Julian Stone (CEO, Pythagoras) as we look at the Digital Talent Gap and how many Public Sector organisations are looking at ways to bridge this using methods such as low code to allow for a fast and effective method of developing and launching new apps and services to the staff, students and citizens that they serve.

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Season One | Episode Six | Bridging the Digital Talent Gap