COVID-19 is evolving. It’s time your charity did too – Infographic

There’s little doubt the events of the past few months, which have led to a huge proportion of people working from home for weeks on end, will forever change the way that charities operate.

At the start of the crisis, 58% of UK charities reported they’d started working from home1, with millions of employees working remotely to try and contain the spread of the virus2. Where working from home was once a temporary fix in response to COVID-19, it is fast becoming a permanent need. However, many organisations are still behind the curve when it comes to digitalisation and workplace modernisation.

Almost overnight organisations had to shift to home working. Unprepared for the sudden change, many patched up this problem by using old second-hand or donated equipment, or asking staff and volunteers to use their own devices in order to keep costs down and find a quick-fix solution. But with new ways of working come new realisations and demands for staff, volunteers and the communities they serve, creating the possibility of a new kind of pandemic should charities fail to respond and adapt.

As a result of the pandemic, charities have had to find quick-fixes to enable working from home and online public service provision, while keeping costs down. Staff have since been enjoying a better work-life balance, with more freedom and flexibility day-to-day.

Learn more in our infographic below or click on it to download: