Enabling futures: empowering university students with digital skills – infographic

According to a new report by Microsoft – in partnership with LinkedIn – more employers are stating digital skills as the crucial capabilities they are looking for in prospective candidates in order for them to secure the job.

Because of this, graduates must possess these skills to improve their employability, and universities and colleges have a key role in ensuring that students leave further education prepared for the modern workplace. However, education providers cannot achieve this alone and require the support of the tech industry to resolve the digital skills gap and provide graduates with the tools they need to succeed on the job market.

Download our infographic now to find out:

  • Why partnerships between education institutions and the tech industry are so important in answering the UK’s digital skills gap
  • How we can provide digital skills for the future through education
  • The Microsoft solutions that will help you to address digital skill building within your institution for students, faculty, and staff
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