Enabling secure collaboration to cut costs and improve citizen experience – White Paper

Budget pressures, Brexit uncertainty, an ongoing talent war. While the challenges faced by government organisations may be many, so too are the opportunities that present themselves in light of today’s unstable climate.

The speed of change in government combined with the race to keep pace with advancing technology is resulting in a big cost issue for many organsiations.

“In 2008, there were already more “things” connected to the Internet than people. By 2020, the amount of Internet-connected things will reach 50 billion, with $19 trillion in profits and cost savings coming from IoT over the next decade 1.”

Such pressures are in turn impacting across all departments; driving new demands for modern, flexible ways of working that help reduce costs, attract new and skilled talent, and help provide the best possible service to the general public.

In this whitepaper we’ll be discussing the impact of Microsoft 365 (M365) when used to alleviate some of the current challenges faced by government. We’ll look at what some of those challenges are, our role in delivering solutions that help address specific issues and the benefits of M365 across government departments.

1. https://cmo.adobe.com/articles/2017/5/15-mind-blowing-stats-about-emerging-technology-tlp-ptr.html#gs.cv5c0k