Increase agility, cut costs and prepare for future innovation with VMware Cloud on AWS – White Paper

Public Sector workloads are accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Pace of change is faster than ever. As such, the need for greater agility and flexible deployment options has made public cloud increasingly more attractive as a platform to host applications, systems and data.

Many public sector organisations are trying to move apps as and when they can, moving towards a SaaS delivery model that offers less components to support and manage on-premise.

VMware Cloud on AWS helps solve some of the challenges faced by today’s UK Public Sector. A highly scalable, secure and resilient service, VMware Cloud on AWS enables institutions and organisations to seamlessly migrate and extend their on-premise VMware vSphere-based environments to AWS.

Many Public Sector organisations view the public cloud as a way to gain the flexibility and speed needed to respond to changing business needs. By hosting applications, systems and data in the public cloud, they are able to accelerate innovation and align costs to business requirements by better managing upfront expenses, operational support and TCO.

Alongside this recognition is the realisation that having public cloud technologies work seamlessly with current on-premise infrastructure, enables them to take full advantage of their existing teams, skillsets, tools and processes. All with the benefit of operating within an environment based on familiar VMware software.