Microsoft 365 for Housing Associations – Infographic

Housing Associations provide a number of vital services to tenants, therefore it is integral that the technology being used is up-to-date, flexible and secure. Microsoft 365 enables Housing Associations to deliver these services to their customers effectively from anywhere and at any time.

Microsoft 365 (which includes Office 365, Windows 10 and the Enterprise Mobility & Security Suite) offers a cost-effective and easily managed upgrade route from the traditional legacy solutions that we see deployed across Housing Associations. By harnessing each component of this suite, Housing Associations are able to communicate and collaborate in a secure manner with their colleagues and service users from any device and any location. Other benefits include:

  • Engage new generations of tenants – M365 allows housing associations to make their content relevant and accessible for all tenants to increase engagement with their services
  • Build relationships with staff, tenants and partners – communicate easily with colleagues and organisations that you partner with through applications such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Forms.
  • A wider platform to develop brand and raise awareness – flexible digital technology, especially social media, are powerful new tools for Housing Associations to gain attention and promote their services.
  • Document management – using Teams to store and manage documents ensuring users can collaborate on the same document in real time, while staying secure.

See our infographic below for more details or click on it to download.