Microsoft Teams in further and higher education – eBook

The UK higher education sector remains a global leader, generating over £30 billion annually for the UK economy. However, to retain this position it must address many growing challenges, including the need to diversify to meet ever-increasing student demands.

In addition, driving better outcomes through constant innovation and improvement of student services is key to survival amidst a highly competitive landscape. As such, the adoption and enablement of new technology to help develop new skills both in and beyond the classroom – and keep pace with cultural change – is essential.

To meet these challenges, institutions are increasingly focusing on driving workforce productivity in order to improve the student experience and optimise service delivery. This includes looking at solutions like Microsoft Teams that centralise device management and modernise the higher education workplace, to help support secure collaboration across students, faculty and academics. Not only can such technology save costs across the organisation, it can boost morale and staff satisfaction while meeting the ever evolving student expectations.

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