Modernising legacy IT infrastructure in a post-pandemic public sector landscape – research paper

Within public sector organisations, outdated IT infrastructure can pose a challenge to manage due to organisation size, working environment, and budget limitations. Not only must organisations ensure consistent IT support for their workforces, large and growing numbers of service users also need IT support in both physical and online environments.

Because of this, it’s essential that public sector organisations have IT infrastructure in place that is secure, reliable, and efficient, while also being cost-effective and easy to maintain. So, how do public sector organisation’s existing infrastructure enable them to support their workforces and service users? And to what extend is digital transformation required to progress?

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  • Key public sector IT challenges and priorities
  • Current deployment options for data centre housing
  • The future of the IT landscape within the public sector
  • The findings from a recent quantitative research study, where IT decision makers (ITDMs) and senior business decision makers (SDMs) from UK public sector organisations were interviewed on each of the above topics
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