Regional Recovery - White Paper

With a £10 billion public sector funding gap predicted for 2021/221, the local authority workforce is increasingly being asked to deliver more with less.

White Paper - Regional Recovery

It is therefore essential that employees are empowered with the skills, tools and competencies to continue delivering essential citizen services in a way that is dynamic, fluid, able to cross boundaries and be more collaborative than ever. But beyond this, how can local authorities ensure their citizens are able to interact with the council and communicate with employees? And beyond that, how can councils support tenants to get back to work if they have been furloughed?

This white paper sets out to look at the wider challenges of the region as a whole and the opportunities available to aid recovery. We’ll discuss the wider impact of the pandemic when it comes to driving a demand for digital skills and how combining this with the right technology can help build a more sustainable future to ensure the region doesn’t just survive, but thrives.

  1. Grant Thornton –