The cloud collaboration opportunity – iPDF

According to the National Housing Federation, England needs approximately 145,000 new social homes every year with 90,000 at below-market rate. However, in 2018 we saw only 6,000 social rented homes built as a result of sharp government cuts.

Such budget cuts are placing great pressure on the UK’s housing associations to do more with less, despite growing demands from an ever-increasing population. To alleviate these pressures, many associations are going through mergers and acquisitions to streamline their processes.

Efforts to increase collaboration and shared services are a big focus to help reduce costs. In addition, housing associations are having to engage more directly with tenants when it comes to chasing payments, managing service charges and communicating about repairs and maintenance by cutting out middleman local government agencies – in another bid to cut costs.

This means associations need to start looking at other areas and processes they can streamline, to make way and create more time for this new way of tenant engagement.

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