Empowering the use of modern healthcare technology to deliver better patient care and experiences.

We support the healthcare sector to modernise and improve patient care with innovative, outcome-focused healthcare technology. Our healthcare IT solutions enable healthcare providers to release valuable time for frontline workers, improve operational efficiency, and drive a greater quality of services and standards of care across the UK.

As the healthcare industry evolves, as does the need for advanced healthcare technology. Our extensive experience working with healthcare organisations to achieve their goals and streamline their operations with modern IT infrastructure transforms the way your organisation works. Whether it’s clinical mobility, cloud, cyber security, modernising data centres, or software asset management (SAM), our team of healthcare technology specialists empower you to drive your organisation forward.

Overcoming the sector’s challenges with innovative healthcare IT

Our healthcare specialists support your organisation to:

Deliver pro-active care and make the NHS more sustainable with environmentally friendly technology

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Empower accessibility and inclusion within organisations and for end-users to ensure that everyone can get the care they need

Keep patient data safe and ensure that clinicians can access secure tools to help patients where and when they need to

Provide excellent IT products and services that improve collaboration and productivity despite decreasing budgets

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Greatly improve end-user compute, slow logon times, management challenges, and application lag for a better healthcare experience

Rapidly and securely embrace hybrid cloud within a cloud-focused healthcare sector

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Our healthcare customers

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Find out how we worked with Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (NNUHFT) to accelerate digital adoption, improving healthcare professional’s daily work and patient care with technology that positively impacts lives.

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Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“I’ve been a qualified nurse for 26 years and my immediate emotional reaction (to the Covid-19 pandemic) was to go and put on my uniform and go and help on the front line. It really made me feel extremely guilty, but then when we started to deploy the technology, that just went away because the stuff that we were putting in, the applications, and the way that I was able to support staff in using them, far outweighed anything I could have done as an individual.”
Dione RogersChief Nursing Information Officer, Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The Royal Marsden

“For our patients, the impact of this new technology has been continuity of care and we have been able to continue over 80% of our workload, even during the height of the Covid19 crisis” – David Newey, Deputy CIO at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Find out more about our digital transformation project with The Royal Marsden – one of the top five cancer centres in the world – to deliver continual care to its patients using technology during a global crisis.

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Follow in our healthcare customers’ footsteps…

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The healthcare frameworks we’re part of

We ensure we’re on the relevant framework agreements to give you access to the best suited healthcare IT and technology for your organisation.

Our current framework arrangements

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Supporting the future of healthcare technology

Healthcare technology is enabling greater collaboration and integration within the UK healthcare system. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and provide bespoke IT solutions that enables them to meet their goals.

Enable the healthcare workforce

As the healthcare sector modernises, technology is supporting the ICS by enabling healthcare professionals to collaborate and work together across one system

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Healthcare cyber security: protecting patient data

Healthcare cyber security is an increasingly important topic. Find out how to protect your organisation from costly and damaging cyber security breaches now

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Technology’s role in creating sustainability in healthcare

Help to improve sustainability in healthcare while continuing to provide health and social care to your patients by moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud

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Optimise the value of ICS investments

As your healthcare organisation is deploying new technology and resources, it’s vital you’re ensuring that you’re optimising its value and not wasting budget

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IT support for healthcare and the integrated care system

Get IT support for your healthcare organisation by leveraging an IT managed service that’ll streamline your operations and ultimately improve your patient care

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Delivering better healthcare with insights and innovation

Find out how data insights and innovation is supporting the healthcare sector to make more informed decisions, improve patient outcomes, and enhance efficiency

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