As the healthcare sector modernises, technology is supporting integrated care systems (ICS) by enabling healthcare professionals to collaborate and work together across one system rather than disparate organisations.

Using technology to improve collaboration between ICSs

To improve patient care and the success and efficiency of our healthcare system, collaboration and agile working is key.

Cloud Centre of Excellence

The NHS’ Cloud Centre of Excellence was established to help the NHS build a more sustainable and scalable healthcare system. The principles behind it are rooted in several key factors:

97% of nurses and physicians rely on mobile devices or shared workstations at the bedside to perform critical clinical tasks.


It aims to bring together various stakeholders, including healthcare providers, industry partners, and government bodies to work collaboratively on developing innovative solutions that address the challenges facing the NHS

Service innovation

The centre is committed to exploring and implementing new technologies and approaches that improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of healthcare services

Infrastructure scalability

The NHS is one of the largest healthcare providers in the world and any solutions developed must be scalable to meet the needs of its millions of patients

Data security

The privacy of patient data is of utmost importance to the NHS, meaning its solutions must comply with the highest standards of data protection

By building solutions based on these principles, the NHS Cloud Centre of Excellence aims to help the NHS build a more efficient, effective, and sustainable healthcare system for the future. Some of the key benefits of this approach include:

  • Improved access to healthcare services for patients
  • Enhanced collaboration and information-sharing between healthcare providers
  • Greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in healthcare delivery
  • More personalised and patient-centric healthcare services
  • Better health outcomes for patients

Decision-makers within the healthcare sector must ensure that the data centre and infrastructure is effectively modernised across the entire ICS to prevent an inequality of outcomes between both physical and mental health and health and social care.

Supporting the ICS with End-user computing (EUC)

End user computing (EUC) enables UK healthcare to standardise procedures and increase collaboration, allowing them to efficiently create and deliver digital processes and experiences to users without the need for technological knowledge. This enables users to adopt and adapt to new technology more effectively.

Discover the top benefits of EUC in healthcare:

  • Improved productivity – users will securely and efficiently access clinical systems and data they need in any location, either on-premise or working remotely in the cloud
  • Boost in collaboration – EUC enables users to stay connected and collaborate in one central location within a number of teams
  • Improved data management – with a more secure approach to data storage, healthcare organisations reduce the risk of data breaches while reducing costs
  • Simplified processes – EUC streamlines processes to easily manage software updates, application deployment, and endpoint security, enabling healthcare organisations to focus on more important tasks
  • Seamless deployment – EUC provides seamless access to infrastructure, operating systems, and applications, simplifying processes

How to improve collaboration in the ICS with modern IT infrastructure

Microsoft Azure technology for healthcare

With Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines users can migrate their Microsoft technologies, such as SQL Server to this infrastructure and access extended support on Windows and SQL servers.

All IT infrastructure can be migrated and centralised into this virtual machine, giving ICSs a place to collaborate and store everything across one system, without needing technical knowledge.

Some of the benefits of Microsoft Cloud for healthcare:

  • Enhanced patient engagement
  • Greater health team collaboration
  • Improved patient-provided experiences
  • Boosted clinician productivity
  • Improved health data insights
  • Stronger protection for sensitive health information

VMware Horizon in healthcare

VMware Horizon provides healthcare professionals with a secure means of accessing protected health information (PHI) and applications from any location and device. This includes essential applications, such as EHR and imaging software, mobile apps, web-based applications, and SaaS. The digital workspace is unified, enabling physicians and nurses to access everything they need from one platform.

  • With Horizon Apps and Workspace ONE digital workspace, care providers can move from one task to another seamlessly, ensuring secure, consistent, and straightforward access to critical information and applications, regardless of their location or device
  • This flexibility supports physicians and nurses, enabling them to work productively and efficiently from any location or device, be it an emergency call outside normal working hours or a consultation at the bedside

Give healthcare workers back their most important commodity – time

It’s time to see more patients, look at new research, and complete tasks not usually actioned. It’s time to make a difference.

“The Phoenix Proof of Concept alone enabled four of our trauma surgeons to save an hour a week each.”

With our End User Computing solution, healthcare professionals are able to revolutionise the way they access applications, allowing them to complete lifesaving work on a range of devices with security across boundaries. With this solution, clinicians are able to log onto any compatible device with just a simple tap.

Implementing an EUC solution drives several benefits:

  • Save your staff time: we found that our EUC solution saves clinicians two and a half hours a week in time
  • Simple implementation: our EUC solution only takes days to implement and begin running smoothly
  • Easier patch management: you only have one gold image to patch, rather than individual devices
  • Increased endpoint security: as the endpoint is stored within the data centre, it benefits from the data centre security
  • Fully supportive: all endpoint device system requirements are supported with EUC
  • Device lifetime: EUC prolongs the life of existing devices and helps improve sustainability by refreshing devices

“United Lincolnshire NHS selected the EUC solution to improve its clinical workflow in A&E. The solution, coupled with Imprivata ’Tap & Go’ enabled the clinicians to work in an agile manner on a range of devices, giving them the same desktop experience in a seamless and efficient way.”

“Phoenix helped Bradford District CCG’s gain quicker and more secure access to clinical applications such as SystmOne. We have been extremely impressed with the Phoenix team that have worked with us on the Datacentre and VDI Project. The specialist knowledge in each area has been key to the success of this implementation.”

“Norfolk Community Health went with the Phoenix solution and realised a number of benefits very quickly. Clinicians are therefore undertaking more appointments per day and improving healthcare in the community.”

“PHSO’s engagement with Phoenix’s technologies transformed an ageing legacy VDI estate to an enterprise grade solution with advanced functionality. PHSO’s hyper converged EUC system brings the agility of cloud computing to the desktop by transforming desktops into highly available and agile services delivered from PHSO’s private cloud with real time application delivery, to ensure no interruption to IT service throughout all user groups. The ability to perform upgrades, manage and image desktops and user profiles centrally is the most important platform of the solution, as it gives PHSO the flexibility to adopt a mobile working strategy with BYOD functionality.”

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