After working with the non-profit sector for nearly 30 years’, we are acutely aware of the challenges that charities face. For example, we are seeing our customers being tasked with supporting a more mobile and agile workforce based on the most up-to-date solutions, but similarly being asked to work with shrinking budgets.

We therefore leverage our relationships with key vendors to establish frameworks and agreements that help charity customers reduce expenditure and benefit from economies of scale, irrespective of their size. We provide tailored licensing support across a range of software vendors as well as offering technical expertise and guidance from our Infrastructure and Cloud Teams to ultimately provide a solution that is fit for purpose, futureproof and in budget.

Following the significant expansion of our specialist teams, we are able to help organisations identify how existing services could be streamlined to optimise performance and reduce costs. We are then able to help design ‘cloud-first’ solutions using key technologies such as Office 365 and Azure, assist in the migration from traditional on-premise infrastructure to these platforms and provide ongoing support.