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With so much uncertainty over what the next normal will look like, the ability to pivot and adapt with elasticity, flexibility and agility as and when needed is essential. Azure can provide this capability.

As more housing sector organisations move business critical data and applications to the cloud, the ability for employees to securely connect and access data and services is key to operational efficiency, effectiveness and employee productivity, especially in times of crisis.

While cloud technology has for many years enabled increasing numbers of employees to become more mobile, in recent months it has become a critical tool for embracing new and more permanent working practices. Creating a cloud-enabled workforce is vital for the sector’s digital future, by enabling organisations to harness virtual collaboration tools and mobile apps that extend networks and strengthen teamwork when working from home.

Six steps to Microsoft Azure

1. Assess

If you’d like move to Azure, knowing where to start is often the first challenge. We can talk you though our Azure 101, Surveyor 360, Azure Essentials, or Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Essentials Managed Services to ensure you get the right solution in place for your organisation’s cloud adoption strategy.

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2. Migrate

Perhaps you already have a clear strategy in place for moving to Microsoft Azure. We can help ensure your migration goes as smoothly as possible with a Surveyor 360 workshop, designed to help your organisation understand the benefits of a scalable cloud-based architecture.

Developed by Phoenix, Surveyor 360° acts as a starting point for getting relevant information about your environment – with minimum impact to your organisation’s network and environment. Surveyor 360° is made up of several modules giving you the option to choose and run each module separately or they can be combined into Surveyor 360°.

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3. Manage

So you’ve made the move to Azure – great!

You’re on your way to realising the benefits this brings. However, we understand that accessing the resources and expertise to handle the configuration, workload management, security and more can be a daunting task. We’re here to guide you through how our Azure Essentials or WVD Essentials Managed Service can help.

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4. Protect

Security Teams are inundated with a high volume of alerts and spend far too much time on tasks like infrastructure setup and maintenance. Our range of Security, Risk and Compliance Workshops, as well as our Azure Sentinel workshop, can show you how to keep your data safe and ensure legitimate threats do not go unnoticed.

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5. Optimise

Shutting down unused resources, configuring autoscaling, setting up budgets and taking advantage of Azure Hybrid Benefits are all ways to optimise costs within Azure.

Take this one step further, with our range of services and solutions designed to help you get the very most from your investment.

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6. Innovate

You’re all set up with Azure, so what’s next? Having all of that data connected and in one place opens up a world of possibilities to explore advanced workloads such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Internet of Things (IoT).

We can guide you through the next phase of your Azure journey and how to open up a world of possibilities with the power to take your business to the next level.

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Unlock the possibilities of IoT in the Housing Sector

For social housing providers, the benefits of investigating and investing in services and devices that are linked to the Internet of Things (IoT) are as real as the bricks and mortar used to build their homes.

Given the enormous amount of responsibilities that providers, such as councils and social housing trusts have to meet, IoT now has a solid foundation on which they can build for the future.

Join Ben Gannon (Data and AI Specialist at Phoenix) as he’s joined by James Berger (Technology Solutions Manager at Origin Housing), Dave Hollings (Technical Consultant at Phoenix and former ICT Systems Manager at Connexus) and Zuzana Loup (Data and AI Specialist at Microsoft), as they discuss various aspects of IoT, look at why many organisations in the sector are getting more involved with this exciting technology and some real world examples of how you can use IoT in your housing association.

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Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Joseph Rowntree Foundation creates impact in the community by providing more people with care as a result of saving money with their move to Microsoft Azure

As an independent social change organisation working to solve UK poverty, Joseph Rowntree Foundation identified that their ageing infrastructure didn’t provide a platform to enable the organisation to change. This meant that they needed to move to a new internal IT infrastructure that could respond to the varying demands of a modern digital workplace and be one that is both secure, stable and simplified.

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