Why Software Asset Management?

Software can represent 31% of an organisation’s total IT budget so it makes good sense to keep a close eye on how, where and what licences you buy. This process, i.e. software licence management, is an essential part of an effective Software Asset Management (SAM) strategy and can help reduce your software spend by up to 30% per year.

Historically, the main project drivers for Software Asset Management have been around licence compliance. As more and more organisations recognise their legal obligation, or are reminded of it by the software regulators or publishers, many have been driven simply to complete a licence compliance review which has little or no return and in most cases has been seen as a costly exercise.

For those organisations which have engaged with Phoenix Software and adopted the Focus Service, our Licence-Management-as-a-service platform, however, it has been a different story. They have been able to continue managing their software licence compliance status, which has in turn enabled them to make more informed purchasing decisions – ultimately leading to significant cost savings.

Essentially, what Phoenix Software has been professing and delivering for the last decade is essential to managing your software effectively. Clearly understanding what licence entitlement you have and what software has been installed, and then being able continually to track that equation, is key – this is what we call the ROC Framework.

Introducing the ROC Framework

The ROC Framework has been created with simplicity and flexibility in mind. It has three clear stages – Recognise, Optimise and Control – each of which helps your organisation understand where it is as regards software licence management, what you need to focus on to progress and which blend of technologies and services will support your continued success.

Step One: Recognise

The first step is to understand what software your organisation has installed, how often it’s used and what licences you own.

This stage delivers your Effective Licence Position (ELP) i.e. a software compliance and financial liability status.

Step Two: Optimise

This is the stage where the savings begin. Optimisation is about making sure your organisation is on the most cost effective software agreements, that you’re making the best use of the software licences you own and that you only have software installed that is a) required b) used and c) properly licensed.

Step Three: Control

As your organisation grows, so will your software requirements. Once your estate has been optimised, it makes business sense to invest in processes and solutions which ensure that balanced position is retained. Rather than solely relying on a discovery tool to identify new licensing requirements retrospectively, it’s important to strive for a proactive licence management programme which ensures that the only software purchased and installed is the software which is business critical.

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