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As organisations undergo digital transformation and hybrid working replaces traditional office-based environments, paper transactions are becoming increasing redundant to make way for collaborative, rapid, and sustainable digital processes.

UK workplaces have long been committed to the idea of ‘going paperless’ to improve their environmental impacts, but the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for paperless processes as teams dispersed into multiple working environments. Now, with the benefits of hybrid working clear, segregated and remote workspaces are the future and organisations must modernise to survive.

But, in a world where printing is no longer a desirable – or the most reasonable – option, do you have the infrastructure in place to support digital document workflows securely and effectively?

The benefits of Adobe Acrobat Sign

Adobe Acrobat Sign allows you to seamlessly send, manage, and sign documents digitally with e-signatures. It’s sustainable, reliable, secure, and efficient, empowering your organisation to future-proof its document workflows.

Paper and shipping cost savings of on average £5 per document*

1.5 hours saved per user per transaction*

Onboarding and enrolment time savings of 2 hours per document*

Creates 95% less environmental impact than paper workflows**

Reduce your environmental footprint by going paperless

For every 1 million transactions completed via Adobe Acrobat Sign instead of traditional paper workflows, more than 27 million gallons of water, 1.5 million pounds of waste, and 23.4 million pounds of CO2e is saved!

Promote and improve collaboration with greater transparency

Adobe Acrobat Sign gives you real-time insights and workflow transparency by allowing you to see who has viewed and edited documents and easily set-up multi-step signature and approval across a variety of existing Microsoft app investments, including Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Teams.

Meet compliance regulations and boost security with automated document management

With automated processes for document delivery, retention, data protection, and audit reports, you can reduce the admin time associated with compliance workflows and ensure you are complying with both local and global signature laws and industry regulations.

Increase productivity with automated workflows

Adobe Acrobat Sign utilises automated workflows to distribute and track digital admin forms and documents, making the process speedy and simple.


Calculate your environmental savings with Adobe Acrobat Sign

Get closer to reaching your sustainability goals with our Adobe E(arth)-sign calculator.

For many organisations, operating business in a more sustainable way is a key consideration as part of digital transformation plans and Adobe Acrobat Sign supports you to achieve your goals by helping you to save water, power, Co2, and trees. In fact, for every one million transactions completed through Adobe Acrobat Sign, emissions equal to taking over 2,300 cars off the road for a year are saved!

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Adobe Sign customer story

Finding cats their forever homes with Adobe Acrobat Sign

Cats Protection has digitalised in recent years by redesigning its backend architecture, introducing cloud-based collaboration tools including Microsoft Teams, and reducing its paper usage.

The work we’ve done with Cats Protection to digitally transform the organisation has resulted in:

  • 37 adoption centres deploying Adobe Acrobat Sign in just five months
  • More than 9,000 cats placed in homes within the first 10 months of 2020 – 5,000 of these were through Adobe Acrobat Sign
  • Cats getting to their forever homes sooner with adoption signatures now obtained in 2.5 hours instead of two weeks
  • Return rates remaining low by helping to ensure better matches between cats and families

Digital transformation has proceeded gradually for the charity, increasing efficiency for nearly 1,000 staff and 11,000 volunteers as they rescue and rehome thousands of cats and educate the public on how to care for them properly. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the initiative accelerated resulting in the need for quicker deployment of the organisation’s digital strategy. With our help, the charity was able to successfully and securely implement digital processes rapidly to meet the demand.

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Cats Protection Logo

“The world is going to be different after the pandemic and we’re going to see greater competition among charities for donations. The work we’re doing now puts us in a better position to succeed. We chose Adobe Sign to enable e-signatures and make it possible to do all the paperwork online instead of sending it back and forth through the post – so cats can get into their forever homes faster.”

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*Data taken from the report: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Adobe Sign

**Data taken from: 15 mind-blowing stats about Adobe’s impact on environmental sustainability