Utilising Adobe Sign in higher education

From student enrolment, to HR and faculty management, and IT and facilities management, Adobe Sign will help your institution offer greater digital experiences to faculty and students.

With education institutions under growing pressure to digitalise while still controlling budgets, Adobe Sign streamlines your institution’s administrative methods with a cost-effective digital experience that is fully compliant with rigorous policy regulations. By allowing you to automate workflows through each step of your admin processes, Adobe Sign creates an efficient, simple, and secure solution to traditional paper forms.

From student enrolment and HR and faculty management, to IT and facilities management, find out how Adobe Sign optimises your faculty and students’ time and how to access the latest offers for your institution below.


The benefits of Adobe Sign in higher education

Save time and resources with automated workflows 

Automated sending, tracking, reminders, and bulk distribution makes issuing and tracking mandatory forms easy and quick.

Reach your sustainability goals by going paperless

Get rid of paper and reduce your institution’s environmental impact with electronic forms and e-signatures. For every 1 million transactions completed via Adobe Sign in place of traditional paper workflows, more than 27 million gallons of water, 1.5 million pounds of waste, and 23.4 million pounds of CO2e is saved!

Improve transparency with better collaboration

Provide process transparency with real-time insights into who has viewed and edited documents and easily initiate and manage multi-step signature and approval processes while working in apps, including Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Teams.

Ensure compliance with automated document management

Save admin time and meet GDPR requirements by automating document delivery, retention, and audit reports, as well as the protection of student information, signature legality checks, and the enforcement of regulatory and policy rules.

Adobe Sign offers for higher education

With great savings on Adobe Sign for new and existing customers, accelerate your digital transformation strategy by implementing Adobe Sign and give your students, faculty, and staff an outstanding experience.

Adobe Sign transaction offer

Purchase a new VIP Sign for education licence before 30th November 2021 to take advantage of Adobe’s $1 (est. 73p GBP) per transaction deal for higher education* saving approximately 95p per transaction off the estimated retail price.

Adobe Sign trial offer

Until 3rd December 2021, customers who have never purchased Adobe Sign before will be able to trial 50 Adobe Sign transactions for $1 (est. 73p GBP)**, allowing you to try Adobe Sign before making a larger purchasing decision.

To find out how you can take advantage of these offers, or to explore how Adobe Sign can help your education institution to optimise its processes making your faculty and students’ valuable time more efficient, contact us.



*Ts & Cs apply. Offer available on VIP Sign for education (min 5,000 transactions). Value may vary due to currency exchange rates. Eligible customers only. Available on new licences only, including both initial purchases and add-on purchases in the same year – Enterprise transactions only. Offer expires on 30th November 2021.

** Ts & Cs apply. Offer only available for customers who have never purchased Adobe Sign on Adobe Sign for business or Adobe Sign for enterprise only. If purchasing additional licences or transactions, you must continue with the same type of Sign product (Adobe Sign for business or Adobe Sign for enterprise, and AWS or Azure hosting) until your next anniversary date. The product can be changed at renewal. One trial offer per customer and it may not be combined with any other Adobe Sign offer, except the $1/transaction for 5,000+ transactions Adobe Sign offer if, and only if, this trial offer is purchased first. Adobe will audit use of this trial offer.

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