Daniel Bowker: Phoenix’s first Microsoft MVP!

Dan Bowker, Principal Consultant for Infrastructure and EUC at Phoenix, has recently become a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

As the Principal Consultant for End User Computing at Phoenix, Dan collaborates closely with our customers, partners, and colleagues on projects, developing relationships and sharing his specialist knowledge. In addition to appearing on Christiaan Brinkhoff’s Windows in the Cloud webcast recently, Dan has been busy delivering cloud computing solutions across the UK, including to the police, NHS, universities, schools, and charities. 

Last month, Dan received the Microsoft MVP Award in the Windows and Devices for IT Category. But what is an MVP award, and what does it mean for the individual, their company, and their customers?   

What is the MVP programme? 

The Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Programme is an award and recognition programme run by Microsoft. It acknowledges exceptional, independent community leaders who share their expertise, real-world skills, and passion for technology with their community. 

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are technology specialists who enthusiastically share their knowledge with the community. They constantly seek to stay at the forefront of technology and eagerly explore new and exciting developments. With deep expertise in Microsoft products and services, they adeptly integrate various platforms, products, and solutions to address real-world challenges. MVPs comprise a global community of over 4,000 technical professionals and community leaders spanning 90 countries/ regions, united by their passion, community spirit, and thirst for knowledge. 

Above all, MVPs are always ready to help others. 

What requirements are there to get in? 

To gain Microsoft MVP status, individuals can leverage various avenues to showcase their contributions to the Microsoft community. Whether they’re speakers, technical content creators, community leaders, social media advocates, consistent GitHub contributors, or individuals with unique and innovative ways to share their passion for Microsoft products and services, their efforts can be recognised.  

Microsoft MVP nominations consider diverse forms of contribution, from organising local user groups to creating educational content, engaging on social media platforms, contributing to open-source projects, or developing innovative solutions using Microsoft technologies. Demonstrating a commitment to sharing knowledge, helping others, and actively participating in the Microsoft community are key factors in achieving and maintaining MVP status. 

To initiate the process of becoming a Microsoft MVP, a nomination referral is required, which must be submitted on the candidate’s behalf by either a Microsoft Full Time Employee (FTE) or an existing Microsoft MVP. This referral serves as the initial step in the evaluation process and highlights the candidate’s potential for making significant contributions to the Microsoft community. 

If selected, you will receive the MVP award, which is renewed annually based on your continued contributions. 

What does you becoming an MVP mean for you? 

When you become an MVP, you not only receive recognition for your dedication to serving your community, but you also get early access to Microsoft products, direct communication channels with their product teams, and an invitation to the Global MVP Summit, an exclusive annual event hosted at Microsoft’s global headquarters. MVPs also enjoy a close relationship with their local Microsoft teams, who support and empower them to address needs and opportunities within the local ecosystem. Other benefits include an executive recognition letter, a Visual Studio technical subscription, and an Office 365 subscription. 

Additionally, this award strengthens Phoenix Software’s position as Microsoft’s preferred UK partner for Windows 365. 

“Being recognised for my contributions to the Cloud PC space is such an honour, and being awarded the Microsoft MVP status has provided an extra spark of motivation for the year ahead. I’m usually busy designing, implementing, and supporting these solutions with customers and partners, so I’m eager to expand my contribution by publishing more extensive blog content and speaking at Microsoft community events.” – Daniel Bowker.  

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