We attended Dell Tech World 2024! Here’s your exclusive recap

Vicki Sammons, Solutions Manager at Phoenix, attended Dell Technologies World (DTW) in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Now, she’s written a round-up of everything that was announced at the event, giving you an exclusive look-in to the latest Dell updates.

Dell Tech World took place at the end of May, and Phoenix sent three specialists to scout out all the news from the conference.

Everything is loud at DTW, from the early morning rave that greets everyone as you file in for the keynotes, to the messaging that hit home loud and clear – this was DTW – the AI Edition.

As you would expect, an event like DTW focuses largely on thought leadership and reflecting market change, however the many breakout sessions featured more near-future and product-led updates.

  1. Further collaborations with Nvidia on AI Factories
  2. New release of PowerStore version 4.0
  3. Microsoft x Dell Copilot+ PCs
  4. Changes to Apex Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure
  5. Dell’s Environmental Impact Report

Further collaborations with Nvidia on AI Factories

One of the main highlights of DTW was the announcement of further collaborations with Nvidia on AI Factories, which are end-to-end solutions for enterprises to accelerate their AI initiatives. Nvidia AI Factories are pre-configured and optimised software stacks that run on Dell’s infrastructure and leverage Nvidia’s expertise in AI and GPU computing, enabling customers to build, manage, and scale AI applications across multiple domains.

This fully integrated solution takes advantage of rack-level design, with rigorous testing and validation to deliver a seamless solution for transforming data into valuable insights and outcomes. The aim is to streamline the development and deployment of AI applications. The solutions include Dell PowerEdge Servers with Nvidia GPUs, high-performance storage systems, and high-speed networking components to support AI workloads efficiently and at scale.

Now, while an ‘AI Factory’ sounds like it’s something massive and only for very large enterprise organisations, it is in fact a blueprint that will scale down for smaller organisations too. The intention is to streamline the technology any organisation will need to run personalised and tailored AI workloads on-premises, to allow them to securely leverage the power of an AI insight into their own data. Michael Dell referred to how Dell and Nvidia have created ‘the easy button’ for companies to benefit from their AI Factories and we’re excited about the potential these will bring.

New release of PowerStore version 4.0

PowerStore is a modern storage platform from Dell that delivers performance, efficiency, resiliency, and multicloud capabilities for AI and other workloads.

The latest release of PowerStore, version 4.0, takes the platform to the next level with increased performance, efficiency, resiliency, and multicloud capabilities. PowerStore 4.0, offers up to:

Better yet, you gain these updates from a no-cost software upgrade for existing PowerStore users.  Boost performance by up to 66% with a data-in-place controller upgrade, seamlessly transforming second-generation PowerStore appliances to the next higher model. Additionally, stretch your IT budget further with up to 20% enhanced data reduction and a new ‘no compromises’ QLC model, PowerStore 3200Q, which is the industry’s most flexible QLC array.

Microsoft x Dell Copilot+ PCs

Building on their relationship with Microsoft, Dell simultaneously announced a portfolio of Copilot+ AI PCs, powered by Snapdragon X Elite and Snapdragon X Plus processors.

These new laptops offer exceptional performance, battery life, and built-in AI to enhance the user experience. Features such as ‘Recall’ (helping users find anything they did/stored on their laptop within seconds) and instant language translation, run directly from the device without need for an internet connection, nor a Copilot license.

Of the 5 models released (XPS 13, Inspiron 14 Plus, Inspiron 14, Latitude 7455, and Latitude 5455), only the XPS 13 and Inspiron 14 are currently available for pre-order.

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Changes to Apex Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure

Doubling-down on Dell’s Apex Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure (affectionately known as ‘Azure Cloud Platform’ by many), this highly integrated Premier Solution is proving more and more popular with organisations aiming at simplicity for the management of their hybrid cloud infrastructure.

The arrival of AVD on-premises follows Dell’s ‘cloud to ground’ mantra, positioning themselves and their partners as a strong choice for customers, as the only infrastructure provider on Microsoft’s Premier Solutions list with their ACP offering, as well as their AzureStack HCI nodes (at the time of writing).

With Windows Server 2025 arriving in October, there is also the discussion to be had about the expenditure needed for Extended Support Updates (ESU’s) for those still on 2012, 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2012, when weighed up against utilising those funds to purchase an on-premises Azure platform that provides fresh hardware while accessing the same ESUs.

In addition to this, Microsoft and Dell have launched an AzureStack HCI OEM license combining your Stack HCI license with Kubernetes and Windows Server Domain Controller 2022. This OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) license is factory integrated and validated for interoperability, launched from Azure, offers automated virtual machine activation of Windows Server guests on HCI and as a one-time purchase, the license lasts for the lifetime of the hardware.

Dell’s Environmental Impact Report

Sustainability was not missing from this year’s key topics. The development of the Environmental Impact Report, available as part of Dell’s Asset Recovery Service, was a huge announcement.

This service involves Dell removing your old devices and infrastructure, paying you for it based on age, condition, and residual value, and then giving you a report detailing what percentage of your devices were either re-sold, refurbished, harvested for parts, or recycled. It then takes this data and turns them into he­adline statistics to be used for sustainability reporting.

For Phoenix, as a partner attendee, DTW is always full of major announcements, technology updates, and chances to meet with the Dell Executives to strengthen our relationship and ensure that we are in the best position to serve our customers.

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