Phoenix remains absolutely committed to ensuring zero or very little impact on the supply of our products and services to our customers and are doing everything possible to safeguard the excellent service we provide.

We continually review and assess impacts to our services and below are risks we consider current:

Software Supply

Due to the flexibility of choice for sourcing products from multiple suppliers and vendors, the impact to software supply is negligible. With software being digital, there will be no supply restrictions or border issues so this will have no impact on our ability to supply products to our customers.

Software Pricing

With software being digital no additional import duties or tariffs will be applied. Where we purchase products in a foreign currency, there could potentially be some impact due to the fluctuation of the pound and whilst we always strive to offer competitive pricing, this will be out of our control, however pricing will remain competitive.

Cloud services

As Microsoft deliver complete cloud in the UK from their UK data centres, organisations will be able to take full advantage of these cloud services and enhance communication and security whilst storing their data within the UK. All of this can be provided by Phoenix.

Data Protection

Information and guidance provided by the Information Commissioners Office (‘ICO’) regarding data protection continues to be closely followed. With the UK General Data Protection Regulation (’UK GDPR’) essentially being the same as the EU GDPR with the same principles, obligations and rights of data subjects remaining in place, very little has changed to our processes. All documents that referred to the EU GDPR have been updated accordingly.

Employees & Contractors

The end of free movement of people will have no impact as we recruit from within the UK. All Phoenix employees have the entitlement to work in the UK so there will be no staff loss. We are not required to hire people from abroad to work on projects for the business and 3rd party contractors such office cleaners have the entitlement to work in the UK.


The Government has said it will maintain high regulatory standards for the environment, climate change, social and employment, and consumer protection and not allow standards to fall below their current levels. We are encouraged by this and will continue to maintain these high level of standards.

Financial Stability

Phoenix is a financially strong company and resilient enough to survive any downturn in the economy. With any economic uncertainty, we are aware that some customers may delay large IT investment decisions but actively encourage all our customers to include us in their software investment deliberations as we have the expertise to advise on the best arrangements in these uncertain times.

Last revised: 1 November 2021