Creating a compassionate workplace where all employees feel supported, both personally and professionally by challenging the stigma surrounding mental health, raising awareness, and offering education opportunities.  

The mental wellbeing of our employees is of the utmost importance to us and we aim to raise awareness of this vital issue to ensure our people know the importance of seeking help and showing understanding to others.

Our strategy to provide support to employees around mental health and wellbeing is founded upon our key messages: ‘We are in this together’ and ‘We care’, and in 2020 we signed Mind’s ‘Time to Change Employer Pledge’ to back our commitment.

Mind’s ‘Time to Change Employer Pledge’

Our wellbeing initiatives

We ensure that our team are supported, remain in communication with management and each other, and understand that they can speak openly to their managers about their health and wellbeing to encourage discussion about how we can help them. Our programme of activities is run by our internal mental health and wellbeing ambassadors to help promote positive mental health and embed it into the culture of the organisation. Our ambassadors are easily identifiable by green mental health ribbon pins, which let other members of our workforce know that they are available to provide support.

Find out how we’re supporting mental health and wellbeing with technology

Tea and toast with jam

Tea and toast chats

We hold internal monthly calls where employees are invited to openly discuss mental health and wellbeing, covering topics such as: loneliness, body image, Pride month, menopause support, and parental wellbeing. The aim of these sessions is to remove the stigma often associated with mental health by providing a platform that encourages open and honest conversations about mental wellbeing.

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Wellbeing Wednesdays

Each employee at Phoenix is given one hour a month on a Wednesday, to do something that supports their wellbeing. This could be a longer lunch break or a later start or early finish to enjoy a walk, go for brunch, have a lie in, or anything else that brings them joy!

That’s 3,732 hours across the entire company each year dedicated to wellbeing

(12 hours per year per employee x 311 employees)

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Menopause awareness

We have undertaken research and engaged in internal conversations about menopause in the workplace to understand how we can better support our employees with the physical and emotional symptoms of the menopause. So far, actions include a blog post and tea and toast session to raise awareness and understanding, setting up a menopause support area for sharing helpful information, and introducing menopause support mentors.

Mental health first aid

We have eight mental health first aiders across the business who are professionally trained to provide mental health support and guidance to members of our team who require it.