Deep Instinct takes a prevention-first approach to preventing ransomware and other malware, stopping threats in less than 20ms – 750X faster than the fastest known ransomware can encrypt.

Coupling the industry’s highest detection rate (99%+) with the lowest number of false positives (<0.1%), The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform augments your existing security tools, such as EDR, to improve their effectiveness and limit the burden on your SOC team – allowing you to get more from your existing security investments. Deep Instinct’s purpose-built deep learning framework is designed to prevent threats faster and more accurately than any other EPP or EDR tool in the world.

For your organisation, this means reduced risk, greater SOC efficiency, increased protection, and the knowledge that the attackers have lost their advantage. Deep Instinct both prevents threats at the endpoint and extends prevention without requiring an agent to ensure file integrity of your cloud storage and custom applications, while protecting your network by eliminating threats at your web gateway.