Modernise your on-premise infrastructure to mitigate risk and deliver optimal availability, security and reliability

The private cloud (on-premise data centre) has long been the foundation of many IT estates – hosting applications, data, networking and even telephony and making IT services available across the entire organisation.

Physically the private cloud can consist of anything from a single server room to full Tier 4 sites. However, it is inside the data centre that has seen significant evolution and modernisation over the last few years as organisations have sought to consolidate their IT estates, while accelerating their digital transformation plans against a backdrop of more demanding user populations and the constant demand to drive efficiencies.

For many of our customers, this has meant moving beyond the traditional three-tier converged infrastructure (CI) and adopting new solutions utilising the software defined data centre (SDDC) and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI).

These technologies have fundamentally changed the relationship between compute, storage and networking hardware in the data centre, through a combination of virtualisation technology and unified management. Virtualisation allows these hardware elements to be provisioned as pooled resources and the unified management layer enables these resources to be organised and seamlessly provisioned to host workloads. SDDC and HCI technologies both deliver integrated high-performance virtualisation solutions, capable of delivering greater flexibility and scalability over traditional three-tier, along with options for built-in automation, orchestration and simplified management.

A recent addition to the modern data centre is Microsoft’s Azure Stack HCI, built on a new operating system and delivered as an Azure service to offer the performance of a hyper-converged infrastructure with the innovation and benefits of Azure integration. An Azure Stack HCI solution sits in your data centre or remote sites and is provisioned through the Azure cloud platform, providing familiar Azure management tools and access to Azure cloud services on-premise, all delivered on your existing Azure subscription.

Each of these technologies has its preferred use cases, and as a solutions partner working closely with the leading vendors in this space, such as Microsoft, Dell Technologies and VMware, Phoenix are expertly placed to guide you and help realise the right solution for your organisation.