Where to Begin with Azure

The term ‘cloud first’ is one that we’re hearing more and more – but what does it mean?  Is it the right fit for every organisation? Let’s look at what our Cloud Solutions Specialist Jamie Shand thinks …

“Public Cloud isn’t for everybody. When I say that, I’m talking in general and not just about Azure, but AWS, Google cloud etc. A lot of this is being driven by strategies at board level, including Cloud First, SaaS first strategies etc.

The first problem I see with Public Cloud is that customers don’t know how to price it and what can happen if it’s done incorrectly as it can cost you a lot of money. The challenge is how to take control and help spring-board your organisation into a digital transformation journey.

Watch the video below as I explain how to use the Azure Pricing Calculator

Driving down the cost with Azure Hybrid Use Benefits

Azure Hybrid Use Benefit helps you get more value from your Windows Server licences and save you up to 40%* on virtual machines. Depending on the edition, you can convert or re-use your licences to run Windows Server virtual machines in Azure and pay a lower base compute rate (Linux virtual machine rates)

Below is an example of the savings for Windows server licensing when you use Azure Hybrid Use Benefits.

* Calculator is to help estimate savings range when using the Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server licenses that include Software Assurance. Your actual savings may vary.
Source: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/pricing/hybrid-benefit/

Transition to the cloud

Why are we transitioning to the cloud? The answer to that question can be varied, but there are several common responses ranging from delivering a ‘Cloud First’ Strategy to end of life deployed technology. But, how how do we begin to transition?

In the video below, I give my opinion on ‘Where to Begin’

Are you still to be convinced?

Look at these amazing stats – cloud services are a no brainer!

  • The public cloud service market is expected to reach $206.2 billion in 2019 worldwide
  • 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020
  • 94% of enterprises already use a cloud service
  • 30% of all IT budgets are allocated to cloud computing
  • 66% of enterprises already have a central cloud team or a cloud center of excellence
  • Organizations leverage almost 5 different cloud platforms on average
  • 50% of enterprises spend more than $1.2 million on cloud services annually
Source: https://hostingtribunal.com/blog/cloud-adoption-statistics/

See below where I explain how Phoenix can support you.

Ben Murden
Ben Murden

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