Microsoft Dynamics and the Power Platform in education – eBook

The Microsoft Power Platform is more than the sum of its parts. Connect them together, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure and hundreds of other apps – to build end-to-end education solutions.

As one of Microsoft’s leading education partners we are keen to ensure that our Education and Research customers are aware of the wide range of resources, products and services available to them to support the work that they do. D365 use cases in education include:

  • Personalised student profiles – Dynamics 365 displays personalised data about a student from across all departments to enable effective delivery of personalised learning experiences
  • Cases, requests and ticketing – Dynamics 365 helps institutions with case management across the organisation including tickets submitted by students, faculty and even parents.
  • Student portal – Use Power Apps Portals to enhance the student experience by building low-code, responsive websites which allow students to interact with the data stored in the Common Data Service
  • Knowledgebase for efficient self-service – Knowledgebase in Dynamics 365 allows faculty, staff and students to resolve their own issues in a self-service manner. This facility is reliant on use of the Power App Portals
  • Student Recruitment/Retention – Use D365 to transform your student marketing and admissions process. Dynamics 365 breaks down silos of data from across the institution to provide a holistic view of each person, through application, enrolment, on course and post-graduation. By integrating with other business critical systems such as a Student Record System, Dynamics 365 provides an enhanced level of insight which can be used to produce more accurate reporting and enable institutions to spot trends in their student journeys
  • Alumni Management – Keep in touch with your alumni to understand their career paths post-graduation and identify success stories. Keep alumni informed of courses or funding options that might be relevant to them if they are considering further study in the future.

Phoenix can support you to develop your understanding of the many options available, assessments and ongoing management of Dynamics 365 and/or the Power Platform. Download our eBook via the short form opposite to learn more.