Significant value is waiting to be unlocked through the positive and progressive use of Artificial Intelligence – by re-engineering the old and re-imagining the new.

Artificial Intelligence can overcome the challenges of user engagement with conversational interfaces. Evolve as your challenges do with machine self-learning, sense and understand the physical world with neural networks and overcome the near insurmountable challenges of fragmented big data by algorithmically unifying organisational data silos.

The vision of ICS.ai is to enable organisations to transform through an ‘Intelligent Core with Elastic Learning’, AI to every application, every business process and every employee. Each organisations transformation journey will be different and together, Phoenix and ICS.ai can help you understand, build and execute AI Transformation within your organisation.

ICS.ai are the UK’s first Microsoft AI Inner Circle Partner and we have combined and integrated the critical elements required for an effective AI Transformation journey.