Time to refresh? The latest thin clients from Dell Wyse

Whether your organisation has harnessed the benefits of thin client technology or you are yet to take this step, you could benefit by upgrading to the latest generation of thin clients from Dell Wyse.

The last five years have seen a huge transformation in thin client technology extending the reach of thin clients beyond what may have been previously considered. The new breed of thin clients from Dell Wyse are the most powerful, versatile and capable machines available at a comparable price on the market. They boast the latest quad core CPUs, ultra-fast DDR4 RAM and true 4K graphics on multiple displays. But what benefits would upgrading to newest thin clients give to your organisation?

Improve Productivity

  • Up to 300% faster boot to login – Utilising the latest quad core CPUs and ultra-fast DDR4 RAM provides a dramatic step up in all-around performance including dramatically faster boot up times, allowing you to reclaim hours of potentially wasted time
  • Multiple hi-res monitors can improve productivity by up to 18% – Run up to six monitors (including up to four running in true 4K – 3840 x 2160 at 60Hz) allowing you to take full advantage of Windows 10 enhanced graphics and the growing number of 4K applications, with the Dell Wyse Thin Client 5070
  • Increased collaboration – Operating using thin clients combined with a cloud-based service will allow your workforce to collaborate with much greater ease and create a more flexible working environment
  • Eliminate downtime – Virtually eliminate all downtime with automatic out-of-the-box deployment

Enhanced Security

  • Hardened security – Dell Wyse’s unique ThinOS doesn’t have an attack surface that can be easily exploited, virtually eliminating all cyber threats. Windows OS based thin clients can take advantage of Dell Data Protection Threat Defense to secure against nearly all threats including zero-day attacks (attacks that take advantage of previously unknown security vulnerability)
  • Improved endpoint security – Using integrated smart readers and the latest USB technology (USB 3.1) helps to ensure malicious software cannot find its way onto your network from a third-party device

Reduced Cost

  • Reduced energy consumption – Save up to £35,000 on energy costs alone (based on a business with 10,000 users)
  • Cost effective – Dell Wyse’s latest 5070 and 3040 thin clients provide performance and efficiency which cannot be rivalled, at a competitive price
  • Future proof technology – Features such as true 4K display, multiple integrated display ports, USB 3.1 type-C, multiple networking options, and integrated CAC/smart card readers help to ensure an extended lifespan of five plus years
  • Configure your way – Whether you require an economic workstation, or a powerful client to utilise the latest 3D design apps in true 4K, or anything in-between, you can select a configuration that work to your current and future needs

The New Wyse 5070

Remarkable versatility in a single platform – check out this infographic about the new Wyse 5070.

View Dell Wyse 5070 Infographic

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