Market Insights: how technology is supporting ESG in the workplace

Joseph Langford, Head of Strategy at VMware discusses the importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) in the workplace and how technology is supporting organisations to be more equitable.

How has technology contributed to making the workplace more equitable? 

Equitability is an increasingly key theme in the workplace, with organisations beginning to understand the benefits and importance of a diverse workforce. Following the introduction of different perspectives, a focus on social responsibility, and a bigger focus on wellbeing, we’re seeing a real shift in how companies support all people.

Technology has enabled a huge amount of flexibility in the workplace, including hybrid working policies, more control over working hours, and utilising accessible tools. This ensures there are options for everyone, opening the workforce to people who previously would have struggled.

How is technology used to support DEI efforts in the workplace? 

Technology has always played a part in supporting the needs of those who require specialist support to work. A recognition of the variations needed to ensure that people have an environment that they can be productive in has grown hugely, with the impact of the pandemic accelerating that further. Diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) is becoming a top priority for many organisations, leading to the development of new technologies to promote this focus.

People and companies have unlocked more options with technology. There are less restrictions, more flexibility, and an increase in proactive practices.

How should organisations use technology to ensure all employees have equal access to opportunities and resources? 

Organisations are beginning to understand that technology is the key to ensuring equity for all. The practices that support the needs of one group may not necessarily support others. This is why the development of technology has moved so rapidly to enable the management of devices, data and the user experience, and modern apps to be personalised to every user.

At VMware our choice on device, location, and work timings are governed by more pragmatic and sensible criteria. This allows us to ensure that there is nothing to prevent the individuals contributing to the business goals or productivity.

In what ways do you think technology is helping organisations to create a more inclusive culture? 

Inclusivity is essential for a successful, productive workplace. The introduction of hybrid working and increased education on neurodiversity has changed inclusivity in the workplace for the better. A greater understanding of neurodiversity has enabled organisations to provide necessary support and alter processes to suit everyone’s needs.

As business leaders, there are so may considerations to account for, but the best way of making progress is to start.

How do you see technology evolving to support DEI in the future, and what are some potential areas of growth or innovation? 

I can see the rapid development of AI providing support to those who need it. From disabled employees to those who prefer working from home, AI will enable employees to get the best out of their time at work.

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