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Microsoft Azure cost saving and optimisation services

Phoenix Software can help you scale your Azure workloads to save money, advise you on how to achieve the best technical design and ensure you apply the most cost-effective licensing initiatives from Microsoft.

The cloud is unstoppable – but few organisations know how to stay in control when costs begin to spiral or where to find unique opportunities to unlock greater value. That’s where the Phoenix Software Cloud Platform Management (CPM) service makes the difference.

It’s easy to get started

Our professionals delve beneath the surface of your cloud deployment and add immediate value, thanks to our expertise as the largest Microsoft Provider in the UK.

  • Our specialists offer cost-saving advice and assistance
  • Our consumption consultants guide you through reports
  • Our cloud architects share technical ideas and advice

Phoenix Software’s unrivalled licensing knowledge and commercial know-how means you get the best skills to optimise your IT environment. Plus, with CPM we keep finding fresh efficiency opportunities as your cloud strategy evolves. Our experts help you to target:

  • On-demand expenditure
  • Under-utilisation of resources
  • Storage that’s no longer used
  • Long-running virtual machines for pre-purchase discounts
  • Right-size virtual machines based on actual usage
  • Alternative licensing for Test/Dev virtual machines
  • Bring-your-own-Licence savings
  • Track and allocate cloud costs

Why Should You Choose the Phoenix Cloud Management Platform?

Microsoft Gold Partner – Cloud Platform & Cloud Productivity

We manage more than £50m of Azure Services in the UK

Azure consumption has doubled in the last year – are your costs escalating?

Cloud Management Tailored to Your Organisation

Phoenix Software Cloud Platform Management is available in a choice of two services – Advantage or Premium. The further you go, the more you gain.

Customisable interactive reports in Power BI make it easy to identify where you can save money and drive greater value from Azure, from top level spend, down to costs per business function. Our CPM service keeps you in regular contact with our Microsoft Azure specialists, who will help you to interpret the facts as they happen — and make swift changes to give you the edge.

Cost analysis capability via Power BI reporting
Daily data refresh • •
Understand costs of different agreements: CSP, MCA, EA, SCE • •
Spend overview including budgeting, cost assignment and forecasting • •
Monitor spend patterns for unexpected changes • •
Root cause analysis • •
Cost savings recommendations for virtual machines, licensing and storage • •
Proactive guidance on applicable optimisations and Azure offers •
Report assistance and customisation •
Access to a Phoenix Cloud Solution Specialist for strategic and technical advice •
Multiple reports designed and delivered for IT and commercial teams Optional
Cloud Solution Architect support for architecture optimisation guidance Optional


Our Cloud Platform Management service has been driven by customer demand where existing reporting tools fall short of real-world requirements or are overly complex to use effectively. It’s always worth exploring your best options and setting your cloud journey on the right path.

To learn more about CPM, please contact your Phoenix Software Account Manager today on 01904 562200 or email