License Manager is the most accurate and advantageous way to manage software licences and the closest thing you can get to automated licensing management.

From the seamless and automatic import of Microsoft Licensing Statements (MLS), to bulk data uploads from reseller records, to the wizard-based entry of individual licences, License Manager is designed to make the process of building an accurate and reliable licence repository as painless as possible.

License Manager automatically scours entitlement sources (such as the MLS) ensuring all items are checked against manufacturers’ software catalogues and that special licensing terms, such as upgrades and maintenance, are associated with the necessary base licences. Likewise, any additional or improved installation granted by grandfathering rights or tech guarantees.

License Manager needs just a few minutes to achieve what would take consultants and previous-generation licence management solutions weeks, if not months and with 15 years of built up software dictionaries, License Manager is able to hold all historic software records.

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