Azure Essentials Managed Service

We will manage your Microsoft Azure for you

Many organisations have already invested in Microsoft technologies and are now looking for a safe pair of hands to assist them with Microsoft Azure as they start to move some of their workloads to the cloud. However, accessing the resources and expertise to handle the configuration of Azure, the management of workloads running in Azure, security and more can be a daunting task and one that can distract from an organisation’s core business.

The Azure Essentials Managed Service from Phoenix is the answer for any Public Sector organisations that are facing these challenges.

We mix technology and automation with our team of experienced IT Consultants who will deliver ongoing management, configuration, security and 24x7x365 operations. Put simply, you gain access to our Microsoft-certified engineers and architects, we manage your Azure environment, your teams focus on more strategic projects rather than the daily management of Azure and you get the most out of your cloud investment.

Sounds good doesn’t it …