Phoenix Software’s Technology Asset Management (TAM) solution, Clarity, brings together world-class consultants with the power of License Dashboard’s data platform to help organisations reach their digital transformation goals.

Along with its people, software sits at the heart of every business and without it organisations would be immobilised. When you combine software deep-rooted in an organisation with the expense of its licences, it’s clear to see that software is a financial investment that should not be left unmanaged.

Digital Transformation

Key to the process of digital transformation is moving to the cloud, but to reach your objectives you need to clearly establish and understand your current position. Once you’ve established this you need to define your business objectives, goals and time-frames for achieving these objectives. In addition, you need to have the processes and controls to proactively manage software both on-premise and in the cloud.

Clarity, from Phoenix Software, provides a bespoke managed program designed to help you deliver against your objectives as well as provide transparency and control of your investment within the cloud.

Mitigate Risk

According to leading consulting firm McKinsey, software is so pivotal to an organisation’s success it takes up 30% of an IT budget. Arguably more important however, is that Gartner’s research shows that most organisations overspend on their software licence requirements by up to 30% – so £30,000 per £100,000 spent on software is unnecessary – we think that’s a saving worth making.

The financial risks with software don’t stop there. Gartner also states that an organisation has a 63% chance of receiving at least one software audit request in the next 12-months and that the average cost is around £300,000 – not a nice surprise to be presented with. So, when you consider the financial investment in software and the risks associated with non-compliance, it pays for an organisation to be in control of their software estate. Clarity has been designed to help organisations reduce risk – whether it is financial, security related or operational.

Licence Optimisation and SAM

Clarity is based on License Dashboard’s License Manager Data Platform. With License Manager (which connects to any inventory tool), organisations can view software assets as they transition through the entire lifecycle – from purchase to upgrade to end of life.

With its easy-to-use reporting interface, authorised users can view software and licence inventories, licence entitlement and software inventory information while tracking usage data to reharvest expensive software licences. With this knowledge at your fingertips you will be equipped for contractual discussions around your annual Enterprise Agreement (EA) and software maintenance renewals.

Clarity provides enterprise-wide comprehensive data and asset information through a modular approach

ClarityLifecycle ManagementIT Asset ControlSoftware Optimisation ServiceCloud Readiness and Optimisation Cloud Platform ManagementCyber Security

Cloud Platform Management

As the cloud matures and consumption grows, we’re finding that more and more organisations need better controls and reporting for their cloud platform. Clarity’s Cloud Platform Management (CPM) module enables you to take control of your cloud.

CPM provides a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of cloud usage and costs, across multiple accounts and vendors, with actionable recommendations to improve efficiency, cut costs and enhance performance. With segmented or aggregated views, IT and Finance can see a high-level snapshot of their deployment, as well as individual accounts and critical areas, all provided in easy to consume monthly reports combined with an alerting service to ensure that unauthorised environments do not end up sapping valuable budget.

Generate Tangible Savings

Today across the UK, Finance & Procurement departments are looking at solutions to drive cost reduction as well as accurately budget for future IT requirements. In order to generate cost and technical efficiencies customers need to find innovative ways to manage declining budgets.

Clarity brings together key business functions in order to rationalise and automate service delivery and reduce the impact of software publisher audits while reducing the number of licenseable applications. With targeted software optimisation, Clarity customers can enjoy the benefits of controlled and manageable cloud investment and by doing so are able to reinvest into key strategic initiatives supporting digital innovation.

Delivering Real Results

See how Phoenix Software has worked in collaboration with both South Gloucestershire Council and Hull City Council in delivering cost savings and accelerating transformation through Clarity.



No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, Clarity can enable you to reach your goals and unlock the potential for so much more.

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