Housing Associations

Phoenix Software have worked with customers in this sector for nearly 30 years and now have many strategic relationships with a large proportion of Housing Associations across the country.

This level of exposure to the sector has provided us with an unrivalled level of knowledge around the challenges that our housing customers face and the business aims that many are working towards. Over the last two years for example, we have seen numerous Housing Associations go through mergers and acquisitions which has left IT departments with the task of consolidating and optimising services. As part of this process, we have also seen reductions in those customer’s budgets putting more pressure on IT departments to deliver more with less.

We have invested significantly in the development of frameworks and partnerships with key vendors in our industry to help housing customers reduce expenditure where possible. We have also expanded our in-house levels of expertise, as well as our partner network, to be able to support our Housing Association customers with their digital transformation strategies and move towards a more streamlined, agile and mobile workforce.

By working with our customers from the point of strategy creation, we are able to advise and assist in adopting a cloud-first strategy based on services such as Office 365 and Azure; as well as leveraging additional security features and capabilities from complimentary solutions such as Enterprise Mobility and Security, Power BI, Dynamics 365 and Flow.