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Explore the world of cloud computing and learn what sets Microsoft Azure apart

Go beyond the limits of your own on-premise data centre using the scalable, trusted and reliable Microsoft Cloud. Transform your organisation and reduce costs with an energy-efficient infrastructure spanning more than 100 highly secure facilities worldwide, linked by one of the largest networks on earth.

The Future of the Cloud & Azure

Craig Taylor (Phoenix Cloud Solutions Director) and Jacob Neil (Phoenix Cloud Solutions Specialist) take a look at the future of the cloud in the Public Sector and why Azure is the platform of choice for so many.

We also look at the impact Microsoft Azure has had on the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the many benefits that they are reaping and passing back to the community.

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Intelligent Cloud Video Series

Our video series will help you get to grips with everything cloud.  Join Jacob Neil, Cloud Solutions Specialist at Phoenix, who will cover the following topics:

  • Cloud 101 – The Basics of Cloud
  • Cloud Workloads – What Are They and What Can I Migrate?
  • SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 End of Support – Looking to the Future
  • Backup, Disaster Recovery with Microsoft Azure
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Embracing the Cloud to Drive Transformational Change

Challenges and opportunities for the Public Sector

This whitepaper aims to examine the key challenges faced by the Public Sector driving the need for change. We’ll look at the potential opportunities, the blockers and how technology can be used by public services to create safer, more efficient communities – no matter where they are on their journey.

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Podcast 13 – Starting out with AI

Data is at the heart of every single organisation in the world, and its this data that helps us power and drive results and makes organisations stand out from the rest. In this episode we will explore how you can start to use this data in new and exciting ways to automate, analyse and even respond to the needs of those that you serve.

To discuss this we are joined by Ben Gannon (Cloud Solutions Partner Manager, Phoenix) and Rich Brown (Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Phoenix).

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We will manage your Azure for you

Accessing the resources and expertise to handle the configuration of Azure, the management of workloads running in Azure, security and more can be a daunting task and one that can distract from an organisation’s core business.

The Azure Essentials Managed Service from Phoenix is the answer for any Public Sector organisations that are facing these challenges.

We mix technology and automation with our team of experienced IT Consultants who will deliver ongoing management, configuration, security and 24x7x365 operations.

Put simply, you gain access to our Microsoft-certified engineers and architects, we manage your Azure environment, your teams focus on more strategic projects rather than the daily management of Azure and you get the most out of your cloud investment. Sounds good doesn’t it …

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So, how can Phoenix help with your journey to Azure?

Azure Fundamentals

The Phoenix Azure Fundamentals programme is designed to help your organisation gain a deeper understanding of Microsoft Azure

Based on the requests and requirements of our customers, Azure Fundamentals is a focused approach, designed to educate both you and ourselves. We will be educating you on Microsoft Azure and you will be educating us on your IT landscape. By having a deeper understanding of your environment, we can then recommend and advise you, in the best way possible, around moving workload services to the cloud.

Embrace the New World. Embrace Azure.

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Surveyor Video

With the realisation that cloud-based architecture is here to stay and can even be critical for current or future growth plans, many organisations need to develop a clear strategy to help understand what they have and plan for their future.

As a first step Surveyor 360 can help your organisation understand the benefits of a cloud-based architecture, allowing you to deploy advanced workloads in areas like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Bots and Internet of Things (IoT).

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We have to come together to help every business become great at digital technology. That means we need to help them adopt the latest and greatest tech as fast as they can.
Satya Nadella, CEOMicrosoft

Continuous innovation to support your organisation today and your visions for tomorrow

New capabilities added all the time

Build on the latest advancements in AI, blockchain, Kubernetes, containers and databases to keep you ahead of the curve

Most comprehensive AI portfolio

Transform your organisation and applications with a full set of cognitive services. Infuse your apps, websites and bots with intelligent algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret your user needs through natural methods of communication.

Analytics x14 faster that cost 94% less

Turn your data into insights with amazing performance, security and speed. Azure’s enterprise grade analytics solution outperforms many, costs less and is fully compatible with your existing development, BI and data science tools

Broadest IoT ecosystem

Deploy more than 1,000 supported IoT devices easily with plug and play integration. Connect IoT devices to the cloud without having to write a single line of embedded code.

Cloud Overview Video Series

What is the cloud, what makes it could, what are your options and should you stay on-premise or go hybrid? Watch our short videos with Jacob Neil to learn.

Jacob Neil explains the different platform options you have.

Jacob Neil explains the differences between hybrid and on-premise and the advantages of a hybrid approach.

Jacob Neil explains what the cloud is.

Jacob Neil explains what makes a product or service cloud.

Why Cloud Computing?

Lower Cost

Cloud computing eliminates the expense of setting up and running on-site data centres, which often have added costs such as employing staff and buying and maintaining land, buildings and computer hardware. The cloud allows businesses to access the computer resources they need in real time to match their business needs on demand.

Higher Security

Security is a key focus of cloud providers, who invest huge sums of money into securing their infrastructure. Cloud service providers typically also offer a broad set of policies, compliance, technologies and controls that strengthen your security posture by protecting your data, apps and infrastructure from threats.

Increased Productivity

More efficiently develop and manage your applications with nearly unlimited cloud computing resources. Cloud providers continuously update their data centre networks with the latest-generation hardware, providing you with fast, efficient computing resources that never go obsolete and would be more costly to implement in a single data centre.

Global Scale

Cloud computing runs on data centres around the world, providing overall resiliency and reliability by allowing your data to be backed up in more than one geographic location. This also allows your IT resources to be delivered from specific geographic locations when required.

Optimise the cloud and reduce maintenance costs, by preparing for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 end of support

Focus more on your organisation and spend less time worrying about maintenance, with hassle-free upgrades that save time and optimise costs.

Support from Microsoft for Windows Server 2008 R2 ends 14 January, while SQL Server 2008 R2 support ends 9 July 2019. By this time you may find maintenance costs quickly spiral with the need to continually manage your aging hardware. In addition, if your organisation is growing or has fluctuating capacity needs, you need the kind of flexibility that allows you to scale IT resources up or down quickly – and cost-effectively.

Use Windows Server and SQL Server end of support as an opportunity to modernise your application stack and optimise costs. Migrate your SQL Server and Windows Server 2008 to Microsoft cloud, and realise the benefits of extended support at no cost. As well as extra security updates you get a scalable solution with a price plan to suit your business needs, with peace of mind that your applications are always up to date.

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Joseph Rowntree Foundation creates impact in the community by providing more people with care as a result of saving money with their move to Microsoft Azure.

As an independent social change organisation working to solve UK poverty, Joseph Rowntree Foundation identified that their ageing infrastructure didn’t provide a platform to enable the organisation to change. This meant that they needed to move to a new internal IT infrastructure that could respond to the varying demands of a modern digital workplace and be one that is both secure, stable and simplified.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation engaged with Phoenix to look at the possibilities and what would deliver impact to the entire organisation and drive it forward. This started with a Surveyor 360 assessment from Phoenix which identifies the appropriate mix of on-premise, hybrid or cloud workloads and helps plan for your future growth.

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Get to know Microsoft Azure

Watch our latest on-demand webinars covering various topics that you need to know about when making the move to the Microsoft Cloud – giving your organisation the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive global network using your preferred tools and frameworks.

Unlock the Value of your Data

All progressive organisations appreciate there is real value in their data. However, rapidly unlocking this value is an unprecedented challenge facing many of those organisations today. The reliance on dedicated technical data management teams to maintain, administer and expand governed data, is arduous, costly and extremely time consuming. DataPlus is a SaaS smart data warehouse, which has been developed to address this very challenge – enabling non-technical staff to bring their data into the cloud and create a business focused data model in six easy steps, using its AI-led assisted model inference engine.

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SQL Server 2008 Windows Server 2008 End of Support - Looking to the Future

As we have passed the date of SQL Server 2008 End of Support, there are still a lot of unanswered questions and Jacob will answer a few of those within this short webinar.

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Using Microsoft Azure as a Home for your Oracle Workloads

Find out why Azure should always be considered as an option for your Oracle workloads

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Where to Begin?

Want to get started with Azure, but not sure where to start?

Watch our video series where Jamie Shand, Phoenix Cloud Solutions Specialist, give his views on the pro’s and cons of the cloud, making the transition to the cloud and how to get started with Azure.

Using End of Support as an Opportunity

End of Support does not have to be as scary as it sounds.

With many products going End of Support in the coming months,  including Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008, our host Jonny Scott, Craig Taylor (Phoenix’s Cloud Solutions Director) and Jacob Neil (Phoenix’s Cloud Solutions Specialist) discuss how you can turn End of Support into an opportunity to innovate and drive your organisation into the future.

Now is the ideal time to upgrade, modernise and transform to current versions of SQL Server, Windows Server and Azure services for more security, performance and innovation.

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Utilising AI within Microsoft Azure

AI is the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behaviour. Through AI, machines can analyse images, comprehend speech, interact in natural ways and make predictions using data.

Only Azure empowers you with:

  • Decades of breakthrough research
  • AI technology that Microsoft runs on
  • The most comprehensive compliance and security offerings

Watch as Jacob Neil, Phoenix Cloud Solutions Specialist, takes a look at the various options available to you.

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Become Microsoft Azure Certified

Phoenix are now offering our customers a path to gain certifications in Microsoft Azure with possible savings of over 60% on the course.

What this will mean for you, your staff, and your organisation is that having one or more certified Azure Administrators in house will provide a level of confidence in maintaining and managing your organisations Microsoft Azure cloud environment. The ability to deploy new workloads and be able to deploy new services utilising best practice will help give the business more confidence and trust in embracing a cloud strategy for the future.

This is a five-day intensive course hosted by Phoenix in various locations all over the UK for convenient attendance. This course covers 12 modules to help prepare you and/or your staff to sit the AZ-103 exam with the outcome to gain a passing score to become a Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate.

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Microsoft 2019 Partner of the year winner - Moder Workplace Transformation AwardTalk to Phoenix today

There are many partners out there, but Phoenix understand the Public Sector like no other partner does. We have nearly 30 years’ experience of working in partnership with organisations across government, education, charities, housing associations, healthcare and bluelight.

We believe that by using IT we can enable all UK Public Sector organisations to innovate and transform to deliver smart connected services to staff, citizens, patients, tenants and students. We do this by understanding the individual goals of each organisation that we work with to help them modernise their workplace by harnessing the power of cloud, data, AI, security and collaboration tools.

Simply contact the Phoenix Team on 01904 562200, email or fill in the short form below: